getting prepared

The first thing I recommend to do is clean out your pantry and your fridge. Read every single label and make the decision if it should stay or go, I really do not like wasting things so all the food that had high sugar or saturated fats in it I gave to my family and friends. 

Plan out your weeks meals before you do your weekly shop. I like to put postit on the page and put what day I’m going to be having that meal. Makes it so much easier and quicker at night. 

On Sunday I like to have my prep day in the afternoon, I will cook the sauces and marinade I will be needing for the week and my raw desserts, like raw chocolate, protein balls, sugar free biscuits, sugar free coconut balls (my favorite thing). I also like to make in bulk and freeze them because sometimes I have a busy week and don’t get a chance so that way I always have a back up. 

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