My first two weeks going sugar free

My first two weeks going sugar free

I started off doing a 2 week challenge of having zero sweet things in my diet, to cleanse my body and to retrain my brain not to crave it. Well all I can say is wow, I never knew eating sugar would have such side effects from coming off it.

The first day wasn’t so bad but by after dinner I was really starting to crave something sweet, but I didn’t give in, i brush my teeth and went to bed. The next morning I woke up with a slight headache, I didn’t think much of it until later on in the day, I started to get a little bit worse and I started feeling  sick and then a lot of toilet time if you know what I mean. Day three and four were very similar to this. By day five I was feeling a lot better. It was a crazy feeling not wanting any sugar in my coffee and it tasted nice and not feeling the need to eat biscuits and chocolate through the day. By the end of my first week it was quite amazing I felt so good and had so much energy and kind of felt like my head was fuzzy and then it became clear.

I decided to weigh myself to see if I had lost any weight. So I took a deep breath and got on those damn scales , I nearly fell over I had lost 3kg. I even took the batteries out and put new ones in to see if it was reading wrong because I was so surprised, but it came up exactly the same thing. talk about a confidence builder. Not once in that week was I ever hungry or starving myself, all I was doing was eating food all the time and really yummy food at that. So I really got into these books and doing a lot of preparation for my next week. I spent my Sunday sorting out all my meals that I was going to cook for the week for me and my family. I hoped by following this 100% I may have the same results by next week. My second week was so much easier I had completely come off the sugar, had no cravings for it what so ever and the food seem to taste a lot better like my taste buds had become stronger.

By the end of that week it came to that time to weigh myself again. I didn’t get my hopes up too much because I’ve been let down by so many diets in the past. I stepped up on the scales and was so happy what I seen 2 1/2 kg gone. I actually started to cry because I was so happy. My first two weeks was a struggle but came out of it at the other end feeling amazing and felt like I could take on the world and so proud of myself for following through with something. 

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