switching my kids to sugar free

switching my kids to sugar free

I have two beautiful children my oldest is a girl named Olive she is nearly 4 and my youngest is a boy called Finn and he’s nearly 2. 

I would like to start by explaining my experiences and how different my pregnancy were with both of them and how my diet affect of them and continuing on through breast-feeding and to where they are now. 

I was 26 when I feel pregnant with my daughter. She didn’t come easy, sadly I was trying for a while and had a miscarriage before her but immediately felt pregnant again with her straight after. So she’s my rainbow baby. My diet with her was very high in sugar. I craved chocolate milkshakes, blocks of chocolate, biscuits, cake a lot of orange juice, it didn’t matter I had it.

As a first time mum I had no idea that all the sugar I was having was going to have such an effect on me and the baby.  I blew up like a balloon, by the end of my pregnancy I had put on 23kg, I’m only 5 foot tall so I looked like a butterball walking around. I had so many complications with my pregnancy. I had extremely high blood pressure, preeclampsia and was told my whole pregnancy that I was having a very large baby. I had a really bad labor, 38 hours in the hospital and there was no way I could push this baby out. So they had to do episiotomy and forceps. Four days later I came home from the hospital and was breast-feeding and kept up my high fat and high sugar diet. I seemed to be just as hungry as what I was when I was fully pregnant. I only breast-fed for three months it all just got too hard for me and she just wasn’t feeding properly. So I switch to formula, we had so many problems on them. I went and seen my doctor and she told me to put her on a lactose-free formula and she was so much better so I figured that she was allergic to dairy. So I kept her on this formula until she was about 14 months old, she was the chubbiest baby in the world. At one she weighed 13 kg. I could not get her to eat food, pretty much the only thing she would eat was weet bix and bolognese. I felt at a lost with her so I just gave in and fed her what she wanted. Now nearly at the age of four she is still so difficult to get to eat anything.

When I started this quit sugar lifestyle change, I really looked into her diet and found out the lactose-free formula she was on (from pretty much birth) was one of the highest sugar concentrate out there and has actually been banned now. I was so angry that you put so much trust in these companies to give your baby the best if you can’t provide it yourself. So my daughters sugar addiction started in my pregnancy and on her formula and then her diet that I gave her. 

Baby number two.

I fell pregnant again when she was 14 months old and I made the decision that I was not going to make the same mistakes again. I had not come across Sarah Wilson’s I quit sugar books yet but I wanted to have a healthy pregnancy, with a healthy baby so I had a really healthy diet through my whole pregnancy. I did not have one complication, I had only put on 10kg, and I only had a four hour labor. I went home 13 hours later.

A few months went by and I was really struggling with my weight, I still had not lost my baby weight from my first pregnancy. I was still eating healthy but I was definitely having those sweet things back in my diet. And then I found these I quit sugar books. I was still breast-feeding and found that these books would not affect my milk supply, because I was not going to be starving myself. I continued breast-feeding until he was 14 months old, introducing him to food at six months. He took to food straight away and not one problem, he didn’t care what it was he ate it. By one he was on solid food no purées, he eats what we eat. Now he is 20 months old and you can put biscuits, Takeaway food, Hot chips, nuggets or cake in front of him and he will not touch it. He is so good, his favorite thing to a is hummus on homemade seed crackers and straight avocado, at dinner time the first thing he eats it is broccoli he’s my miracle child when it comes to eating.

I was so amazed by the difference between my children and their diet, so I started looking into it and found out that your child starts developing the taste for foods while in the womb and all the flavors that you ate while pregnant just continue through breast-feeding. I couldn’t believe it, this made so much sense when my daughter was such a struggle and my son was so much easier. No one have had ever told me this and I think it is so important for every mother to know this, just to make your life so much easier in the long run. 

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