Things i noticed when i quit sugar

  • I found my skin cleared up I seem to have this amazing glow and those dark rings around my eyes soon started to disappear.
  • I also felt that I could think so much more clearly like I finally had clarity.
  • I felt a lot happier and no mood swings, even when the kids were going crazy I could handle the situation a lot better.
  • I had so much motivation and energy and that I could get everything done that I needed to.
  • I also felt like my joints were not aching anymore when usually my knees were quite sore. That could also contribute to the massive weight loss.
  • I also seem to have better sleep like it is a deep asleep and I wake up with energy. 
  • I also noticed that my nails and hair seem to go a lot faster and be a lot healthier.
  • I also found in my children and their moods were so much better, no random tantrums and they seem to listen to instructions so much better. 

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