4 week challenge

4 week challenge

I’ve decided to do a four-week challenge of zero sweet things in my diet again so no raw desserts for me. 

Even though I haven’t been having anything naughty, I feel like I’m craving sugar again because I’ve been eating quite a lot of raw desserts since we got back from Norway. 

I will be giving up all fruits, sweetness, Rice melt syrup, cacao butter. 

I’m hoping by giving up all these things I can retrain my brain into not wanting them again. 

I have done this before and usually after two weeks I’m back on track. I’m also hoping this will kickstart me losing weight again, coming into the winter seasons now I’ll probably put on a few kilos because I’ll be eating more heavier food. It’s been probably three months now since I’ve lost anyway Weight my body is getting used to the way I’m eating, so I need to do something drastic to get this going again.

 I will also be getting my partner into this because the only way I can do this is if I have none of the good stuff in my house and having a buddy for support always helps. 

Last time I did this I was giving up sugar and the withdrawal were incredible, it will be very interesting to see what happens now when I haven’t had sugar for over a year. 

I really struggled with breakfast and lunch when I first started this diet. I have learned so much over the last year so I’m hoping the next four weeks will not be such a struggle this time.

One of the tips I have learned along the way, is if you’re craving something sweet they brush your teeth, I know that sounds really weird but it actually works, maybe because toothpaste is that little bit sweet and the peppermint makes you think you’ve had something sweet it definitely stops my cravings. 

I will keep you updated on my next four weeks as go along.  

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