Alphabet Cookie Monster Craft

Alphabet Cookie Monster Craft

Educational, artistic & fun; this craft activity has it all. These little monster boxes kept my kids entertained all morning! What started this idea was seeing an alphabet cookie game on If I was going to be cutting out 52 cookies for upper & lower case letters, I wanted this game to last more than 5 minutes. So “Feeding” something seemed like a good idea.  And what goes in, must come out so the *cough* er poop shoot was a nice funny addition ha ha! Preschoolers love that stuff!


  • A medium sized box, like biscuits, cereal or a tissue box.
  • paper
  • a texter
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • paint or texters
  • Box cutter blade
  • decorations like glitter, confetti, streamers, pipe cleaners etc
  • DOWNLOAD the FREE alphabet cookies here.
  • Print onto cardboard or laminate.

Step 1

Seal the end of your box with tape.

Step 2

Glue on white paper to all sides.

Step 3

Let paper dry.

Step 4

Cut out some large eyes, different sizes.

Step 5

Draw on pupils just off centre so they look a little crazy.

Step 6

Draw some teeth upper & lower jaw, leave some extra height so you have somewhere to put the glue.

Step 7

Cut out the teeth

Step 8

Hand over the boxes to your little ones to decorate. If you don’t want brown monsters I recommend only giving the kids 3 or 4 similar colours.

Step 9

Let them paint any way they want. You will be sticking the eyes over their painting at the end so it doesnt matter.

Step 10

White the paint is wet, decorate with craft accessories. Then let  your little monster dry in the sun.

Step 11

Eyes time! Let you little one choose where their eyes go, it’s a monster he could have 10 if they want.

Step 12

Using a box cutter blade cut out the mouth (grown up does this part)

Step 13

Grab your teeth and put glue on one side and sticky tape on the other, the sticky tape will keep it in place until the glue dries. Stick the teeth inside the box.

Monster 1

With his teeth.


Monster 2

With her teeth.

Step 14

Give him a bottom. As we started playing with these guys I realised the mouth hole wasn’t big enough to get the cookies out. So we cut a U shaped hole on the back and gave it a curly tail.

The monster bottom

Hello cookies!

Step 15

Download & Print your free alphabet cookies. Cut them out roughly, they’re wobbly circles so it doesn’t take too long.

Play Time!

Your monsters are done and its time to play. Make up games getting your kids to notice the letters. Spell out their name or their monsters name, the options are endless.

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