Keeping lunch simple

Keeping lunch simple

When it comes to feeding my kids lunch I like to keep it simple and also have a yummy but healthy lunch. This can be tricky sometimes, so I think if your kids like a certain food keep that in there but add the healthy side to it until they get use to it. Getting your kids off sugar doesn’t happen over night but I truly believe if you put it in front of them enough they will get use to it. They say you have to feed your kids the same food 10 times until they except that taste.

They seem to eat more if I separate the food in to groups. 

I always like to use a Rye bread or bread high in seeds, I’m obsessed with this bread called bürgen rye. 

I like to trick my kids a little bit I great carrot with the Parmesan greater and mix it with normal grated cheese, don’t even notice it’s there. 

And I also like to get a free range chicken and break it up for them you can never go wrong with a nice avocado.

Our Kids Plates

The plates pictured above are from the Bumpkin range, I really love how they have the 4 compartments instead of the usual 3, heaps of cute designs available.

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