(KFC) kid friendly chicken

(KFC) kid friendly chicken

My family and I tried this kid friendly chicken (KFC) and thought I would write a review on it and share with you all. 

I have tried this recipe not only with the drumsticks chicken iv also tried with breast and thigh and all work really well. I think my kids like it with the breast most of all and I also took out the pepper out of the gradients for my boy witch is only one. 

It is also a great recipe when you’re running out of time and need something quick for dinner. I just mar

inated the chicken through the day and I also made the

 flour and spices in the morning as well, s

o i have everything ready when it comes time to cook. Th

e recipe took 45 minutes to cook and about five minutes prep time.

you can find this recipe in the I quit sugar for life recipe book on page 92. I also served this with slice zucchini and put mix spices on top and grilled. 

Highly recommend thi

s recipe it was really yummy and quick to make and my kids absolutely loved it.  

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